Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

  • We are open Monday to Sunday from 8 am-11 am and 3:30 pm-5:30 pm for drop-off and pick-up during those hours. If you pick up before 10 am, you will not be charged for that day. If you pick up after 10 am, you will be charged for an additional full day. Holiday hours will vary.
  • We will be closed on the following days to the public. So unfortunately no drop offs or pick ups during those days. However our back staff will still be here getting extra time to love on all the cats.
    11/25/21-11/27/21, 12/23/21-12/25/21, 1/1/22, 7/4/22
  • If you need to drop off or pick up after hours please call for more information as there will be an additional fee.

What required vaccines does my cat need to board?

  • We require all cats to be current on their Rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV vaccines. You can bring the vaccination records with you at drop-off, but we strongly encourage everyone to email them over to us ahead of time.

What belongings should I bring for my cat?

All boarding reservations include food, water, fresh litter, cat towers, toys, and cozy bedding. You are welcome to bring any items that will help your cat get comfortable. If your cat has any dietary restrictions, we would strongly recommend bringing their food. We do require all cats to be dropped off in a carrier.

How often will my cats room be cleaned?

  • We scoop all litter boxes multiple times a day to always keep their rooms fresh. Each room is cleaned and sanitized every morning. All provided bedding and cat towers are washed and sanitized before use.

Do you board aggressive cats?

  • Yes, we love all cats and gladly accept cats with different temperaments.

What if my cat takes medication?

  • We administer medicine for $2 per administration. All medical injections cost $5 per administration.

How can we check in on our cats while they’re there?

  • You are free to call in and check on your cats! We can also send pictures and updates for an additional $3 per update.

What will my cat be doing all day?

  • Social and friendly cats have the opportunity to hang out in the Cozy Cat Lounge with other cats for the day for an additional $5 per day. If your cat does not participate in socializing in the cozy cat lodge they will enjoy their suite all to them selves, the staff will  interact with all cats individually with toys, treats and endless kitty cuddles. Cats can also sleepover in the Cozy Cat Lounge, so they will never be without the company of others! Cats that prefer their space and alone time will have plenty of opportunities for human cuddles throughout the day while enjoying the peace of their personal room.

Do all cats get individual attention?

  • Yes! Our staff members love kitty cuddles just as much as the cats do! All cats are checked on and cuddled multiple times a day.

Do you allow tours of the facility?

Absolutely, we welcome tours anytime during our business hours and we would love for you to come to check out our facility and meet our wonderful staff and see where your cat will be staying.